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Homemakers Expo Cape Town 2014

The Homemakers Expo 2014 was for Stucco Italiano and World of Decorative Concrete, once again very challenging in the sense that we wanted to showcase our capability to build high quality stands and to showcase our products at the same time. Our first aim was to showcase our products in such a way that our quality stands out above our opposition in the market, but also to stand out as a one of the best displays of excellence at the 2014 Homemakers Expo. We succeeded in our goal by being awarded a GOLD AWARD for Excellence.

It is always difficult to showcase our product and services and to convey our brand philosophy, in such a small space. We also know that one only has 3 seconds to impress visitors and let them stop and look at your stand, therefore we decided to build a floating roof that looks structurally impressive and will be a showstopper. We also knowing that a visitor only spends maximum 15 min at a stand, we had to showcase that concrete is a product of excellence and that our concrete products are different from the rest…… namely concrete with soul.

We showcased our products mainly in a form of art and the aim in the design of our stand was in such a way to showcase our different products compatibility and that our products can full fill all the different design styles.

The Homemakers Expo 2014 was a very good Expo, regarding number of visitors, quality of visitors and enquiries regarding our product.

It was once again clear to us, that concrete  is the most well know ,durable building material of all time and that concrete as a decorative building material, is timeless and is a trend setter and will be in fashion for a long time to come.