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Homemakers Expo Cape Town 2015

The Homemakers Expo 2015 was for Stucco Italiano and World of Decorative Concrete, very challenging in the sense that we wanted to showcase our newly launched Logo’s and to showcase our products at the same time. Our first aim was to showcase our products in such a way that our quality stand out above our opposition in the market, but also to stand out as a one of the best displays of excellence at the 2015 Homemakers Expo. We succeeded in our goal by being awarded a GOLD AWARD for Excellence.

It is always difficult to showcase our product and services and to convey our brand philosophy, in such a small space. Knowing that a visitor only spend maximum 15 min at a stand, we had to showcase that concrete is a product of excellence and that our concrete products are different from the rest…… namely concrete with soul.

We showcased our products mainly in a form of art and the aim in the design of our stand was in such a way to showcase our different products compatibility and that our products can full fill all the different design styles.

The Stucco Italiano Solido Floor Plaster was displayed against a black Tadelakt Wall Plaster, with an Epoxy Floor finished, been used as two decorative wall pieces, displayed in the form of art. The contemporary precast concrete coffee table, complemented the white decorative plastered wall, preformed with a special plaster technique.

Our Off-Shutter lightweight concrete wall panels were showcased for the first time.  We showcased the charcoal off-shutter lightweight wall panels, complimented by using different precast concrete strips, as a wall cladding, complemented with grey off-shutter concrete floor tiles, as the floor finish. These wall and floor finishes, were complimented with a very futuristic bendable precast concrete coffee table. This combination of finishes was very popular and was for sure a “show stopper” for the visitors.

Our newly launched hexagonal cementitious floor tiles, displayed in different colours, combined with our very popular white Stucco Italiano Aquaguard Wall Plaster, displayed with a precast fireplace surround, was very classical and stylish.

Our Polished Concrete Floors and Precast items were displayed as polished precast concrete floor panels, showing different surface finishes, combined with grey off-shutter lightweight wall panels. Precast polished concrete floating stair treads and precast polished concrete stairs claddings were displayed in this corner of our stand.

The highlight of our stand, was the “Glow in the dark Concrete”, been displayed for the first time in South Africa, at this scale.  As per the visitors…..”a must to see”….”something different”….” The best display at the Expo”.. ext. This luminous Glow in the dark Concrete is very new in the concrete industry and was displayed in the form of a complete bathroom, giving the visitor an idea of how the product will look and create an atmosphere in a real house.

The Homemakers Expo 2015 was one of the best Expo’s that we participate in, regarding number of visitors, quality of visitors and enquiries regarding our product.

It was once again clear to us, that concrete  is the most well know ,durable building material of all time and that concrete as a decorative building material, is timeless and is a trend setter and will be in fashion for a long time to come.