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Stucco Italiano Free State

Stucco Italiano Free State

Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do”… a 100% description of Jacques van Wyk, the owner of Stucco Italiano Free State.

When Jacques van Wyk joined the Stucco Italiano fold in 2009, it was immediately apparent that he had all the qualities to become a passionate leader in the field of decorative concrete.  This is demonstrated in his own description of Stucco Italiano Free State: “combine passion with beauty and honesty and what you get is a beautiful honest finish applied with passion.”

Being an architect and builder himself, Jacques has an acute knowledge and understanding of the latest usages of different building materials and recent trends in the industry.  Stucco Italiano Free State manufactures a large range of cementitious and concrete products, from Colour Plasters for Floors & Walls, Ground & Polished Concrete Floors and Countertops to Industrial Flooring products.  They also manufacture concrete furniture and specially designed concrete items.

The wide range of finishes manufactured by Stucco Italiano makes it possible to overcome what could otherwise be considerable design and construction challenges.  Stucco Italiano Free State can assist in the application of suitable floor finishes for many areas and even the repair of botched-up floors.  The company offers external wall finishes that will last for 25 years and beyond with minimal maintenance.  These wall finishes can resemble an old world finish or a fresh look for a more contemporary design.  Stucco Italiano Free State also does waterproofing of concrete roofs, water features and many more.

With continuous design and development of new and better products, Stucco Italiano is a leader in these fields.

It is a fact that what Jacques achieves as the owner of Stucco Italiano Free State is in complete alignment with who he is and the energy that he derives from doing it.


Stucco Italiano Free State

Stucco Italiano Free State

Stucco Italiano Free State;Polished Concrete;Colour Cement Screeds

Architectural Concrete;Polished Concrete;Led lights in polished concrete;

Polished Concrete;Stucco Italiano Free State; World of Decorative Concrete

Stucco Italiano Free State; Polished concrete table; Architectural concrete; World of Decorative Concrete

Architectural concrete; Polished concrete table; World of Decorative concrete; Stucco Italiano Free State

World of Decorative Concrete; Stucco Italiano Free State; Colour Cement Screeds

Stucco Italiano Free State; Colour Cement Screeds; Polished concrete; Stucco Italiano